Big Data

Big Data architectures with efficiency, performance and scalability in mind

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT transformation of businesses and their processes

Software Development

Custom software development for embedded, web, mobile or desktop devices



Plant hardware integration

PLC and sensor devices integration Modbus, Profinet / Profibus, CanBus …

IIoT Standards

OPC-UA standards in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)



Smart IoT

Chalk Terminal enables business hardware to create an IoT Gateway that harvests your processes and sends the data over multiple channels – Ethernet, WIFI, 6LoWPAN, Lora, 3G

Data Lake

Chalk Warehouse is a cloud based fully scalable data lake that processes, secures, stores and serves your business data

Responsive Web & Mobile Platform

Chalk App is a software application on the cloud that serves as the data hub and integrates analytics, reporting and BI modules in a single point that runs on your mobile and desktop devices

Data Analytics

Chalk Analytics module brings enterprise-ready real-time charts and customizable dashboards that enables you to extract the best for data scientists

Business Intelligence

Chalk Bi module embeds and automates business logic and best practices to improve and optimize decisions and performance


Chalk Reports is a reporting engine that generates and schedules automatic or under demand custom reports with business metrics and KPIs to drive forward data driven business excellence

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